Judith Hollier is a professional dog trainer and dog behavioral specialist offering in-home dog training for obedience and behavior modification in the Greater Philadelphia area.  She was certified by the Canine Trade Group (CTG) organization after completing their rigorous program of study combined with much “hands on” experience with dogs often deemed “unadoptable”.

Judith has an extensive background working with dogs through her prior volunteer work with local animal shelters. She also has a strong background in training from her years in the health care industry, primarily in the areas of technology and nutrition.  A life-long advocate of being health conscious, she hold a Bachelor of Science degree from New York University and is the author of four cookbooks on cooking with whole grains.

Judith now brings her expertise in training to her true love: Dogs!  She connects naturally with both dogs and their owners and is adept at creating training programs that not only help dogs behave better, but provide owners with life-long dog training knowledge and skills. For Judith,  one of the most rewarding aspects of the dog training process is watching the bond between the dog and its human family strengthen through the course of their work together.