Our training process is individualized for every client. Every dog is different, as are their family situations.   Our approach is always reward-based, since we are believers in positive reinforcement as a learning motivator. Our goal is to create a strong bond of love, respect and trust between you and your dog.

We begin the training process with a no-obligation evaluation of your pet(s).  Our trainer will come to your home and assess your dog’s behavior in its home environment . She will talk to you about your dog’s behavioral history and problems, as well as your lifestyle. Then the trainer will explain to you what she thinks the issues are and how she can help you resolve them.  You then decide if you wish to move forward with our training, or not.  Should you decide to move forward, the trainer will create an individualized training plan for you.

At each lesson you will receive written details of what was covered (like Cliff Notes), so you don’t forget anything. Also, we are available by phone and email for questions that may arise in-between visits.  Have the dog you always wanted!

We are committed to your success.  We will work with you until your goals are met!  Call 484.451.8580 now to book a consultation.